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Why you should have car Insurance

Car accidents happen every day. Its bitter truth but we very well know that being a safe driver won’t always save us from these accidents. Accidents are a threat- to your life, car and wallets. It is very sad that despite knowing the value of car insurance most of us ignore to choose it. Why? Don’t we value our cars enough? Don’t we want financial security? Isn’t your car a big investment? So, let’s just accept that overlooking car insurance is not very wise and its better late than never right?

Here are a few reasons if that wasn’t convincing enough for you to get car insurance.

1) State Law – Stating the obvious – It’s the state law requirement. Every vehicle owner is expected to carry insurance in most states. If you don’t have one, you’ll be getting a ticket which will cost you a few hundred dollars, you may lose your driver’s license or even get a sentence to jail. The money that you will spend to pay the tickets off, get your license back or even bail out from jail is going to be far more that what you will spend in getting an insurance.

2) Car is an expensive investment – For most of us, our car is the second most expensive asset in our lives, first being our homes. We buy home insurance to protect our homes, and family insurance to protect out loved. That is just how important it is to buy a car insurance. Protect the expensive investment.

3) Peace of mind – Just like we mentioned before being a safe driver isn’t enough, because what if someone else makes a driving mistake? Car insurance will give you peace of mind while driving because you know that if and when an accident does occur because of some other drivers in-capabilities, you have your share of protection to help you out.

4) Absence of your car can be inconvenient – Now imagine you got into a car accident (you’re doing fine of course) and your car is a damn mess. You don’t have the money to fix it and it is going to be lying in the garage for days together. How are you going to get to places? The whole purpose of having a car is lost for that time period. Getting to work and back is going to be tiring as never before.

5) Protection from a natural calamity – Earthquakes, floods, hurricanes – not so unusual anymore right? What is your car is bait to any of these events? Avoid the unavoidable with a car insurance. These situations are stressful enough for you to be worrying about your car.

6) Non-accident protection – Car theft or vandalism happens more often than you can imagine. You are always going to be worried at the back of your head, if your car is doing fine. Car insurance gives you protection against such unexpected circumstances too. While there are so many measures that you can take to protect your car from such situations and you should, it’s best that you keep the worst in mind and get a car insurance.

7) Covers medical expenses – The medical expenses of the people injured in a car accident that may be your fault and any injuries that you may have sustained are covered by the insurance too. This is one of the many benefits that car insurance provides. So you don’t have to stress about money arrangements in such an event.

8) Protecting your wallet – Without a car insurance, an accident is going to be the reason for a big hole in your wallets. If you don’t have insurance, you have to make all the payments from your pockets – say goodbye to savings, gifts or whatever you may have collected money for. Unless you have a lot saved, chances are you are going to have to spend every penny you have, leaving you bankrupt. Don’t you think it will be easier to just get a auto insurance and make monthly payments ?

Protecting your car is just as important as protecting anything else you love. And a car insurance is going to do just that for you. Be safe, drive safe!

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