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Car Customization

No car is impeccable. Most are intended to be attractive to a lot of individuals, so they are never custom-made to you specifically. This implies you’re going to need to roll out a few improvements, and that’s normal. The issue is that many individuals roll out improvements or customization to their cars so much that it ruins the whole look.

Now, if you’re not certain with your choices and skills on this matter, we will help you out with this to pull it off!

1. Digital Media Receiver

You don’t want to wait for the ads on the radio to get over so a song can finally play! You don’t need to do that, do you? A digital media receiver is an apt choice. You can not only connect your phone or iPod/MP3 and play songs but also play songs via Bluetooth and make hands free calls. Some advanced digital media receivers allow you to play via USB connection as well.

2. Customized Steering Wheel

When you’re driving, your hands are on the steering wheel most of the times (We hope so!). So you could consider some leather options that enhance the look and feel. You could also install a high tech system that will determine the flaws in your car, update you about the current status regarding the health of the car, etc. Learn more about it (Ambient Alert Steering Wheel).

3. A small TV

This is perfect for road trips. Passengers behind will never have to be bored because they will always be entertained. For people who are sitting in your car for the first time, an impression will be created in their minds that you’re a good host and why not? You’ve earned it!

4. GPS Navigator

A very handy tool if you’re going to a new place or city. We all don’t like to not know the roads and asking for directions which will eventually lead us nowhere. With a GPS Navigator, you’ll never have to be lost!

5. Tune Your Suspension

It’s always a good idea to customize your car suspension for premium handling. The main objective of a car suspension is to increase the friction between the tires and the surface, to ultimately increase control, handling and comfort. Hence, for good engine performance, a good suspension system is a must.

6. Sport Pedals

Your customized gas and brake pedals may not be able to provide the comfort and smoothness that you need or desire. Hence, trendy, sizable sport pedals will give you what you seek. It will not only look good but will also facilitate better shifting.

7. Improved Aerodynamics with a Spoiler

If you’re an ordinary guy and satisfied with your current speed and handling, then don’t bother. But if you’re into it, a spoiler is something that might interest you. It offers many MANY perks: Greater downforce, better handing, improving fuel economy, lower drag and sporty looks. Want to push your car to greater limits? Don’t wait and get one now!

8. ECU Tuning

Do this with caution because it must be done by a regarded, legitimate tuner. Most of the modern cars are built with some kind of computer software. Enhancing and tweaking this software will improve acceleration, better power and what not! Some engines, along with such tweaking, will require certain mechanical upgrades as well.

9. Change the Exhaust

When you’re in a car, you want people to see you and hear your car coming. And there are lot of performance exhausts available in the aftermarkets just for this cause. Sure, you can go for it but that would be kind of immature. You don’t need an exhaust that will cause inconvenience to people inside as well as outside the car. You probably can’t even hear what they’re talking inside and you might end up seeing people just holding their ears. What’s the point? Choose a performance exhaust that sounds good and has decent, humane decibel level.

10. Reduce the excess weight

If you don’t travel with a lot of people, get ride of the rear seats because you hardly use them. You could also replace your hood and roof with lighter alternatives to reduce your total car weight because weight is speed’s nemesis. A light vehicle also gives better fuel economy.

11. Enhanced Speakers

Besides having a digital media receiver, you need good speakers to supplement your passion for listening to music. But there’s a trick here! People often are mislead by the belief that good speakers means only loud speakers that may literally destroy your ear buds. You need to focus on the quality that your speakers are offering and not just volume. And that’s the real way to enjoy true music!

12. Portable Refrigerator

Nobody enjoys room temperature sodas or iced teas. That’s just morose! A portable refrigerator will help your cause. Before you hit the long journey, put all your snacks and drinks in this little, conveniently fitting refrigerator that will save you some time as well as won’t let your food spoil and ultimately, won’t spoil your trip. You can also stack some food items like sandwiches, fruits, water and what not!

13. Coat Rack and Drapes (Umm, curtains!)

Again, this is not a necessity but if you’re really into the game of intense, boss-looking cars, then you’re really up for it! Now backseat coat racks just might come into use when you’re going for a meeting or some conference. Don’t use curtains if your car is small, it will miserably spoil the show. Moreover, don’t drive always with curtains closed, you can possibly jeopardize your safety.

14. Rims

Rims can provide the edge that you’re looking for in your car. That little something that you think is missing, a good of pair (2 pairs, of course) wheels can fill in that emptiness. It can also reduce the unsprung mass.

15. Change the Engine

This kind of customization will definitely cost you some dollars! Because we’re talking about an engine here, which is technically, the heart of the car. As a customer, once you’ve replaced the engine for a more efficient one, the change will be evident and substantial. There will be a significant improvement in power and performance. And if it’s really worth it, then go for it. However, don’t waste your money and go for an extremely powerful engine that your car cannot handle.

Customization depends from user to user and also depends if it is really required or not. But there’s no harm in being artistic and adding that cool factor to your car with accessories.

Share some more car customization suggestions in the comments section.

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