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Bad Driving Habbits

Many of us have been driving for quite some time because of which we, once in a while, underestimate the value of security. During the time spent learning and acing the art of driving, we’ve inculcated certain awful driving habits.

So begin equipping yourself for more secure driving by taking a note of these habits that you must avoid at all circumstances:

1. Speeding

It feels amazing to go fast and drive like there’s no tomorrow, right? If you go with this approach, there will definitely be no tomorrow. It is one of the primary reasons for road and car accidents. All of us have this habit of speeding once in a while, but that’s no excuse. It must be avoided. Moreover, there are speed limits given so that all the cars travel at a common pace, making things predictable and life easier. If these signs are ignored, fatalities are bound to happen. It’s just simple physics: The faster you drive, the less control you have of your car or vehicle.

2. Driving When Tired

You may think you can drive your car, if you’re not intoxicated, but drowsy or tired, is a heavy misconception. Apart from driving your car above the speed limit, driving when you’re tired or sleepy causes a lot of accidents, deaths, injuries and collisions every year in the country too. It may not always be feasible or advisable to either stay the night in a motel or pull over and take a short nap. But if it’s required, you ought to take it. Don’t torture your body needlessly.

3. Driving When Drunk

Even if you’re confident that you can drive after you are one too many drinks down, it’s not a good idea. Alcohol significantly reduces your reflexes and reaction time, destroying your cognitive and motor skills. Driving under such circumstances, even if it’s an emergency, will result in something that cannot be brought back. Hence, it is always advisable to take a cab back home or call your friend or relative (Who is not drunk, of course) to pick you up and take you home.

4. Driving while eating or drinking or both

This isn’t as fatal as being intoxicated or tired, but it has its own set of cons. When you’re either eating or drinking, you’re already preoccupied doing some other activity. Your hands are occupied too and your mind will slowly move away from the main job, i.e., driving. You must also consider spilling hot coffee or your drink, dropping food items all over the place making things messy and other events, hampering your concentration. This is a major distraction and will eventually lead to a whole lot of problems.

5. Distracted Driving

Talking on the phone, applying make up, texting or messaging someone, using social media platforms, distraction by keeping an eye on your dog or kids, all these are great examples of how drivers get distracted. As mentioned earlier, driving is not an easy task and it requires constant focus for prolonged attention span. Many drivers, who are on the road, in the U.S., are distracted drivers and almost a quarter of accidental deaths are caused by such distractions. You must absolutely refrain from using your phone when you’re driving, be it any reason under the sun. Therefore, distracted driving can be as fatal as any other bad driving habit.

6. Ignoring weather conditions

Weather conditions influence the manner or method in which you drive. They may impair visibility, the surface may become slippery, etc. Hence, your control over the car isn’t at its peak and it becomes difficult to maneuver. Hence, practice extreme caution and drive safely, keeping in mind how the weather is doing. This may include driving slowly, applying brakes carefully, using indicator lights, so on and so forth.

7. Tailgating

Tailgating isn’t a preferred practice or habit, pointless so to speak because both the cars involved are in danger here. Tailgating can be easily avoided by maintaining a safe distance. The car ahead cannot see behind as their vision is blocked. The car behind is annoyed because they want to move ahead. Moreover, tailgating may cause immediate peril too because of sudden brakes. Use the other lanes to avoid tailgating in a safe manner.

8. Cutting Other Cars

There are times when you’re in a hurry and you need to get to your destination as soon as possible. You might even consider the option of moving past cars, switching lanes and cutting them off. There is supreme risk involved in doing so as you will bump into the car you’re cutting or you might collide or crash into the car ahead of you. Even you’re an experienced driver, refrain from such habits at all costs.

9. Jumping Signals and ignoring signs

If you zoom past a yellow signal which is about to turn red, there’s a definite chance you will agitate the cars on the other side of the road who have a green signal but can’t go ahead because you just came in their way. This may also lead to a massive collision. If you really think that there’s no chance to make it, be wise and stop at your signal.
Boards and signs such as “STOP” have significance. It is usually for pedestrians or elderly people to cross the road and you never know they come out of nowhere to cross the road. Thus, beware of your surroundings at all times.

10. Using indicator lights or turn lights

You can’t expect the drivers to have psychic abilities to predict the way you drive. If you switch between lanes or turn without indicating other cars on the road, how will they know your next move? It is very important to be predictable because ambiguity is just going to cause more problems, for you as well as other drivers.

We understand time is the most precious and valuable resource. But, precisely like the concept of time, life cannot be brought back once lost. Not for yourself but for your near and dear ones, it is imperative to avoid rash and reckless driving. Always wear your seat belt and obey traffic rules and regulations – Always.

Be Safe; Drive Safe!

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